Kelly and Patrick were not only uniting in marriage as a couple, they were merging two families. What amazed me about these two, is that I honestly could not tell which children belonged to which parent. The children were well behaved while also being able to have fun. Kelly and Patrick made sure to include […]

It was a perfect day! The ceremony and reception  was held at the  Historic Cash and Carry. It couldn’t have been more beautiful. Laken made such a beautiful bride! She was just glowing! Garrett waited for his bride to walk down the aisle with obvious anticipation and the look on his face said she was all […]

This was definitely an unusual wedding. With a super hero theme it definitely made it one of my most interesting weddings ever  

What a beautiful wedding this was! Beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Rita’s Catholic Church in New Orleans, followed by a reception at The Crossing.

I have loved working with Jessie and Jace. It was such an honor to get to shoot another of this family’s weddings! A most  beautiful wedding!

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