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The wedding experience begins at $1800.For more information Please fill out the contact form or text 337-526-9414





I suggest taking maternity pictures around week 30 if possible. Studio Maternity sessions are $225 unless you have a newborn session booked. Then they are $175 Sessions may include partner and siblings. Outdoor sessions are an additional $30 . You pay a $50 deposit which goes towards your session price. You'll receive 15-20 edited images to be downloaded with a print release

I do have gowns available for client use. Please see the gallery Gowns. 


Newborn sessions are held Monday - Friday beginning at 9 a.m. The ideal age to shoot a session is before 10 days but may be done up to 8 weeks. 

There is a $100 session fee which does NOT go towards your package and must be paid when booking. This fee is non refundable. . Packages begin at $225 and are due the day of the session. 


Milestone Session Options
Option 1 - Generic - Sitter or 1 yr ($175)
In-studio with 2 generic setups/ Your outfits ( no birthday, no cake smash) 
Option 2 - 1 yr Birthday Non-Cake Smash ($200)
Birthday themed setup with decorations without cake smash or splash, plus one additional generic setup/ your outfits. 
Option 3 - 1 yr Cake Smash and/or Splash ($225)
Cake smash ( cake provided by client ) plus two additional setups/ your outfits
* Locations away from studio for any 1 year Milestone option, add $25*

Important Scheduling Note: If your goal is to have all of the gallery images available for printing to display at the party or for invitations, please remember the four-week turnaround for the full gallery and allow extra time when scheduling the session date. If you only need a few images prior to the party, please allow a minimum of two weeks after the session date.

Milestone sessions celebrate baby-only and showcase his/her big accomplishments....holding his head up, sitting up on her own, standing, turning 1 year old.
To include parents or sibling, please book a family session

Suggested Milestones

Somewhere around 7-8 months is the "sitter" stage. Your baby needs to be able to maintain his/her balance fairly steadily for more than a few seconds when sitting on their own, unpropped, on the floor. This achievement is different for each baby, so waiting until at least 7 months increases the chance of successful sitting. Having to support a non-sitter in a container hides that adorable outfit you've gone to all the effort and expense to show. Non-sitters also tire quickly and can often be frustrated by the necessary propping adjustments.

If you want to have images for invitations or for your party, you need to schedule your session when your baby is 11 months old and before they are walking if possible. 

A 1 year session does not have to be a birthday session. It can just be to document the occasion and does not have to have birthday decorations.

If you are wanting a session with birthday decorations, I suggest you bring decorations that you will use for your birthday.

Cake Smash Tips

You can choose to bring a cake for a "cake smash" (cake, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, pancakes, fruit...whatever your child enjoys) or not. I  recommend keeping cakes small.

A 6 inch cake with no more than 2-3 layers is the perfect size to sit in front of them without blocking their body and whatever cute outfit you have chosen for them. Even an oversized cupcake will do.

I recommend Cake Love for these cakes. You can find her on facebook. Be sure to book as soon as possible because she books up. Best of all she will deliver the cake to my studio so you don't have to worry about picking it up. Of course there are many other wonderful local bakers as well, Cake Love is who I personally use. 

 Also, please ask your baker to avoid piping or other decorations around the bottom edge of the cake. If we need to transfer it from the bakery base to a cake stand, those pretty decorations will not remain pretty.
The last thing is I also recommend that you introduce your baby to something Similar if they haven't had icing before. Many times its the first time that they have felt or tasted icing and they are very hesitant about putting their hands in it. 



Senior Sessions are shot Monday - Friday. The cost is $275. This includes up to 3 Changes and 3 locations within the area. You'll get edited images to be downloaded with a print release. 

Individuals, couples, families, children over age 2
 (More than 4 subjects - add $10 for each additional subject)
30 minute session and 30-day digital download gallery
15-20 custom edited images to be downloaded and print release



Do you carry liability insurance?

how long have you been doing this?

I've been shooting Maternity, Birth and Newborn photography since 2014. I started out shooting weddings and as things go.. brides have babies! I absolutely fell in love with this type of photography! There is something so special about being a part of the beginning of a family. I have such special affection for these little ones. So sweet and innocent.. the beginning of such possibility! I would love to shoot your new addition!

Yes! Absolutely, I have also been trained and certified in newborn safety


Look beautiful for your maternity photo shoot! 

Pregnancy is a special time of your life and for many women, (although you may not feel like it) you are at your most natural, feminine and beautiful self. During your pregnancy, your hair is rich and thicker, your breasts are fuller, your skin is glowing and your body has more curves. For many expecting mothers, there’s no better way to remember their pregnancy and chronicle their journey to motherhood than a professional maternity photo shoot. Here are a few tips to help you look and feel your best in your maternity photo shoot. 

For expecting mamas with singletons, a good time to do your maternity photos when you are 28 – 32 weeks along. Your belly is full but you are still comfortable to pose. For expecting mamas with twins (or more), come in earlier around 26 – 30 weeks as twins tend to arrive much earlier than singletons. 

I highly recommend professional makeup and hair. Not only will this make your photographer’s work easier, you will feel beautiful and confident at your session. However if it’s not in the budget, your going-out-on-a-hot-date makeup and hair is fine too. Neutral looking fake lashes can really flatter your eyes. 
There is definitely a difference in professional hair and makeup! 

The most important element of looking beautiful in your photos is the photographer. Find a professional photographer with strong technical skills and experience in pregnancy photography and holds a specialization in it. A professional maternity photographer will know how to light, pose and photograph you in angles that flatter your face and body. 


Choose a photographer whose style most resonates with you. There are so many styles out there—do you like in-the-home lifestyle maternity? Studio maternity? Soft palette, light and airy? Modern fashionista with vibrant colors? Boho chic? Belly boudoir? By choosing your photographer by style, you can be assured that you will get images you want. 

Explore their portfolio as well as their recent sessions. Are the mamas posed and photographed beautifully? Are there flattering poses or good angles in their work? Are there a variety of mamas with different body types and do they look great? Are the images sharp, properly exposed with good lighting and framed well? 

Also look for consistency in their work. This is a way to differentiate an amateur from a professional. An amateur photographer’s portfolio may show nice images, but those images are a compilation of one or two accidentally good images from many sessions. The professional will show quality images consistently in both their portfolio AND recent work on their blog. If you hire an amateur to shoot your session, you accept the risk that there may only be one or two good images from your session vs. the great images that a professional will provide in your gallery. When you hire with quality in mind, you buy the assurance and the peace of mind that your special moment is captured perfectly before it is lost in time. 

While years of experience may not necessarily equate to quality, very often the photographer with years of experience has had the time to hone their skills. 

While price is an important factor, it should not be the most important one. Like any quality products or services out there, good photography is expensive. Why? Because it is not easy to create quality images. Bad photography is even more expensive. If you don’t like your photos, you have wasted your time and money. If there is a chance to do the maternity shoot again, you end up spending more money for the re-shoot for a better photographer. It’s often less expensive to get it right the first time. 

Trust your photographer to direct you in posing so you can look your best. What makes maternity photos different from other portraits is that the images focus on you, your personality, feelings and the bond you have with your much-awaited baby. Many maternity poses such as hands on the belly and eyes looking down express emotions and connection to your belly. Other maternity poses emphasize the beautiful curves of your body. 

Wear whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in. Here’s a list I provide to my clients: the first one is mandatory, the rest of the list are suggestions. 
• Neutral strapless bra and seamless underwear 
• Black bra and panty set (for those black background belly shots) 
• White/ivory bra and panty set (for those white background belly shots) 
• Lingerie sets 
• Tube top or belly band 
• Regular jeans (not maternity ones) and camisole top 
• Buttoned shirt or blouse 
• Long, flowy or form-fitting dress (e.g. tube dress or a summer maxi dress) ( I have quite a few that will fit sizes 2-12 available for client use) 
• Button ups sweater or cardigans 
• Men’s button ups top (for significant other/husband) 
• Coordinating outfits (for significant other/husband and/or children) 
• Any favorite scarves, accessories, jewelries, etc. 
• Any sentimental items (e.g. baby ultrasound image) 

If your photographer specializes in maternity, they will likely have maternity dresses, wraps and accessories in their studio available to use. The benefit is you don’t have to go and buy maternity dresses that you only wear a few times—one dress can run you anywhere from $100 – $1000 each! Please check with your photographer about their gown use policy. Depending on the gown’s quality and intricate detail work, there may be rental and/or dry-cleaning fees. 

Consider the location of your shoot and the advantages/disadvantages of them. 
INDOOR (e.g. in the studio) 

Advantage is convenience and control. You can shoot anytime regardless of weather. 

The natural beauty of a pregnant woman in a beautiful outdoor backdrop is simply breathtaking! The parallel of a mother about to bring to life into the world and Mother Nature is a powerful one. Disadvantages are that the shoot is weather-dependent and shooting hours are limited to the golden hour of sunrise or sunset (when the quality of natural light is at its best). Reschedules can happen and may trigger the rescheduling of other related appointments (e.g. professional makeup and happen and may trigger the rescheduling of other related appointments (e.g. professional makeup and hair artist, florist, venues, etc.) Remember your sunscreen and bug spray! Be prepared to walk/hike to the location and change outfits outdoors. 

A great maternity photography session will not just produce stunning and gorgeous images, but also make you feel confident and beautiful

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