I have been a photographer since 2006.  I've shot sports, weddings, newborn, maternity, pageants and fashion. Now I'm adding Pet Photographer to my list! 

There is something wonderful about shooting pets. As with the rest of my photography, this new adventure into small animal photography came out of what was going on in my own life. I've always had pets, you name it, horses, dogs, cats, raccoon, squirrel, Peacocks, ducks, chickens, goats.. but now I'm a city girl and I own 2 gorgeous Ragdoll Cats. Gatsby & Taggert.

These cats.. oh my goodness, I am not a cat person who constantly takes pictures of her babies and shows them off.. this lead to the wonderful breeder, Anne Paul, asking me to take pictures and now here we go. I have been so fortunate to have Helmi & Ken Flick of Flick Photography as mentors. They are incredibly knowledgable and talented. 

I am so excited to add this area of photography to my list of services. I can't wait to meet your 4 legged family members!

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