I've been a photographer since 2005. I shoot newborns, senior sessions, headshots, pageants, cake smashes, and of course weddings. Photography has given me some amazing experiences! I've shot beauty pageants, I've shot a fashion show in Las Vegas at the Miss USA pageant, I've had the opportunity to shoot with the world renowned photographer Fadil Berisha.  Best of all I get to share this love I have with the love of my life.. because My husband, Chris,  has been shooting weddings with me from the beginning. 

I love witnessing moments.. and I love that I hold those moments for you in my images, to visit as often as you like. ...That smile that a couple exchanges the first time I say.. look at your husband, kiss your wife.. it makes me smile just thinking about it.  ..... The way a mother holds her bump, or gazes at her little one with absolute love.. the way a dad looks at the mother of his newborn with amazement that together, the two of you made this tiny creature. ..  Then when I see them again at their first birthday session.. by now they really know their little one.. telling me what to expect, laughing at the cute and annoying things this little wonder is doing.. I could go on endlessly about the wonderful experiences I've had in every stage of life with my clients.

Every time you look at those images, you are instantly transported back to that moment....that memory...that feeling.. and I.. well I get the privilege of creating images that let you do that.. anytime you want.. all you have to do.. is look at it.. that image, that print.. that moment.. that is hanging on your wall.. 

- Ralph Hattersley

making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.

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 Lorri Dailey


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